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Yahoo Directory
8 7 1996 Without looking at the price, this has to be the most useful directory to be listed in. Its expensive but is worthwhile if you have a potentially profitable site. Yahoo has over 100,000 .edu and .gov backlinks. Add to it the fact that it has been around as a directory since 1996 makes it a great candidate as a authority site. The site moved to it's current location of in 2002. You will also get some traffic from your listing. The internal listing pages also have extremely high PR. A disadvantage is that you don't have many options for your link text (i.e. usually your site name). Non-commercial Sites are added for free. There is always a small chance that a very useful site will be added for free, especially in a local Yahoo directory like or I have paid for a listing in the past and renewed it for a year of two. A year after discontinuing the payment I noticed that my site continued to be listed on the directory. starstarstarstarstar
7 6 April 2003 The directory has been around since April of 2003 but the site itself has been in existence since 1996. The site does has very good search results in Google. They receive quite a bit of traffic (Alexa rank under 5000). You have the choice of paying $100 per year for review or paying a one-time submission fee of $240. This site would be ranked higher if it weren't for the high price. They do not guarantee acceptance and the fee is non-refundable. The site is respected by Google (see Matt Cutt's blog). During my research I consistently find BOTW listings in Google's search results. They allow you to list your major social network sites. They accept major credit cards. starstarstarstarstar
6 6 July 2001 A popular website that has been a directory since July 2001. Has a good design. One of the few directories that has enough traffic to send you some customers. They have a fair amount of authority links and have been around over 5 years. Submission reviews cost $40, which seems like a fair price. On the bad side the $40 fee is non-refundable. starstarstarstarstar
Sight Quest
4 4 Nov 2002 High traffic, well organized and clean. A directory since late 2002. Not too crowded. Good review structure. starstarstarstarstar
Go Guides
5 5 Feb. 2001 They have a money back guarantee if they don't list your site. The directory is listed in The directory is not crowded, meaning that your site will get good visibility for your submission. starstarstarstarstar
5 5 March 2004 The site, which has been a directory since 2004, is not overly crowded. The site started as a search engine in 2002. Great category breakdown had my basic listing added in about an hour. Good value for your money. starstarstarstar
5 5 June 2002 They have been around since mid 2002. Listed in Their category structure is a bit strange so you might want to skip this one if you don't see anything appropriate. I love their little hamster logo. $49 to have site listed within 72 hours ($20 is refundable if site is not approved). starstarstarstar
4 4 April 2000 A uniquely designed and original directory. The listings are original and pass It appears that they their statement that "every listing is hand edited" is true. They do a light crawl of listed to allow them to display snippets of the crawled content in their search results. They also include an RSS feed of recently added sites. Submission fees are not refunded if your site is not listed. starstarstarstar
4 4 Jan. 2003 A unique design that is also very clear and functional. The site has been a directory since January 2003. They offer options with additional deep links. They also offer a free reciprocal submission option. starstarstarstar
4 4 Jan. 2003 This site has been an active directory since mid 2003. Listed in The site has a massive amount of backlinks. Nice design. Good category design that is not crowded. Free for non-profit organizations. starstarstarstar
6 6 Dec. 2002 Ezilon is a well-established, world wide directory with separate regional directories. The directory was established in December of 2002. To Submit your website select the region that best fits your website content, location and address. Categories are extremely well designed such that this is actually a pretty useful directory. Its only downside is that it is pricey. starstarstarstar
4 4 April 2005 The directory in it's present form has been around since the early part of 2006. A well designed site with unique categories and site descriptions. The original directory goes back a couple of years where it was a webmaster directory. The website has a popular forum, a blog, graphics, scripts and tutorials, giving it loads of unique content. They do not offer featured listings so your regular listings will have a chance of being displayed near the top of the category. I would especially recommend a listing on V7n for a webmaster / web design type site. starstarstarstar
6 6 Aug. 2002 Site looks good and is very well-categorized. The information Bhanvad has been a directory since 2002. They call themselves an international directory. They have country specific listings. They provide a refund if your listing is not approved. starstarstarstar
Web World Index
5 5 Sep. 2006 or before Well designed. You must use the email address for in your submission that is listed on your website. Listed in Internal pages are missing meta descriptions and keywords. The directory has been around at least since 2006. They have blocked via robots.txt but I first added the site to in September of 2006. starstarstarstar
4 4 May 2004 Clean and uncluttered. Very deep (many sub-categories). starstarstarstar
5 4 Jan. 2004 A solid directory that has been around since January 2004. $40 listings. Charitable / non-profit organizations can submit for free. starstarstarstar
4 4 July 2006 The site has existed as a directory since July 2006. They offer options that allow you to purchase additional links. Very expensive. starstarstarstar
Kwik Goblin
3 3 Dec. 2004 Nicely categorized. Uncluttered. Fast submission process. This site has existed as a directory since late 2004. starstarstarstar
Websites Promotion
4 4 Oct. 2005 A directory with good incoming links that has been around as a directory since late 2005. Registration is required, but you can add and keep track of multiple sites. The sub-category links on the homepage use nofollow attributes. starstarstarstar
4 4 Feb. 2003 Very well categorized with many useful sub-categories. The site has some interesting content. Dynamically created pages are indexed by Google. starstar
Directory Portalit
4 4 March 2005 Well designed with good static links. Registration is required. starstar

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