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Search Engine Optimization Steps

Search Engine Optimization Process:

(Apply only for "Top 10 Ranking Position" Plan) Search engines and directories can be one of the most effective ways to acquire visitors to your website. This Promotion and Optimization Process is a proven approach to effectively promoting your site through search engines and directories
Our SEO specialists will study your website structure, downloading speed of your web pages, navigation structure, content placement, Search engine friendliness and other aspects related to html codes


How are you going to fix all my Website problems? We download all your web pages ( html files and images ), Our SEO specialists manually fine tune and optimize all the html codes and make them more Visitor & Search engine friendly. The entire process is manually implemented by our SEO's

Competition Analysis

Our SEO specialists will visit your competitor's websites, analyze them, note down the positive and negative points. During this process, we will get a complete and clear picture of the type of promotion or optimization process that would exactly work for your business
Our SEO's shall plan a proper strategy which would help your website to maximize its performance in search engines. Please note that our process and strategy will vary from one industry to other depending upon your business nature

Keyword Analysis :

Selection of right keywords / Keyword phrases are very important for your success in Internet Marketing. We select the best possible keyword phrases from our keyword Tracking software

Our keyword Tracking software also suggests alternative keywords, reporting the number of searches performed on each, this tool looks at the number of competing Web pages for the keywords and calculates a "Keyword Effectiveness Indicator" (KEI) The KEI gives a high rating to popular keywords with few competing Web pages, and a low rating to unpopular keywords with many competing Web pages. It is therefore useful for identifying the keywords that should be the most effective in generating traffic

The Detail Keyword report will be mailed to the customer for verification. Once the Keywords are finalized, we use them in our optimization process for better results

Link Popularity Analysis :

This process involves researching your competition and collecting the necessary Link Popularity information, like number of sites pointing to them, the nature of website's linking them, relevancy of site's linking etc. We will send you a brief report about link popularity required for your website in order to secure top ranking. the most qualified traffic to your web site

Please note :

We do not use any type of Automated Submission, Promotion or optimization software

1. Your website structure will be fixed for maximum visibility.
2. Your site will be free from Spammy codes. We remove all the illegal codes or html techniques, which are considered as Spam.
3.  Your site will load fast as we optimize your html tags.
4.  We manually fine tune each and every web page and remove unwanted tables, empty cells, empty white space, broken images and fix       other html errors.
5. Your site will have Industry Standard navigation structure. ( Text and Image navigation )
6. We strongly implement Text navigation by default for faster crawling. Text navigation helps search engine crawlers and spiders to crawl      and index all your web pages.

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