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With our SEO and Promotion services, we offer our clients maintenance & monitoring services without any extra charges

You get all this:

Regular Maintenance of your website is a very important step to keeping your visitors. Search engines will typically lower your rankings if your pages aren't kept updated on a regular basis

1. We will check your website for broken links and missing files and images
2. We check and fix Broken links, broken images, Orphan files and images
3. We will check your ranking in the search engines each month, and tell you where your site scores in each one, so you can track
4. your progress in getting listed, and re-optimize the files for higher ranking
5. updating and maintaining the content of your web site
6. Developing and maintaining new web pages as required.

Your Advantage:

Many businesses find it difficult to maintain their site, and costly if they have to rely on Outsourcing minor content changes to web developers and we are providing Site Monitoring and Maintenance services at no additional cost


Manual Submission report
Paid Submission report
Ranking report every month

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